Bentonite Cebogel OCMA, TUNNEL - GEL PLUS

Bentonite - a natural substance that is classified as one of the particularly fine clays, with unique characteristics - a high absorption coefficient, which determines the expansion of moisture (up to 15 times).

CEBOGEL OCMA (packaging - 1000 kg. bags - 1 ton)

TUNNEL-GEL PLUS (pakuotė - 25 kg. maišas)

Origin: Holland, Italy.

Certificate: KIWA-ATA, safe to use in drinking water wells.

Bentonite Cebogel OCMA - is ecologically clean product, which stabilizes the borehole walls, increasing their strength, facilitates drilling and pipeline flushing in the borehole.

 Composition  high quality sodium bentonite
 Color  sandy
 Form  powder

Bentonite TUNNEL-GEL PLUS is a premium grade bentonite with additives for drilling fluids.

Key benefits:
  • rapid maximum viscosity development
  • sand content less than 0.2 per cent of mass
  • easily mixed, more then two times higher yield
  • environmentally friendly product

CEBOGEL OCMA and TUNNEL-GEL PLUS is recommended for horizontal and vertical boreholes.

With the geological data correctly interpreted and the appropriate drilling blend selected, well is protected in case of accidents or other unexpected situations.

Soil type Potential problems Recommended bentonite Concentrations
Large stones Complete fluid absorption
Tunnel-Gel Plus
Cebogel OCMA
30-40 kg/m3
40-50 kg/m3
Shingle Fluid absorption Tunnel-Gel Plus 30-40 kg/m3
Sand and gravel
Fluid absorption
Hole instability
Tunnel-Gel Plus
Cebogel OCMA
30-40 kg/m3
45-45 kg/m3
Fluid absorption
Hole instability
Tunnel-Gel Plus
Cebogel OCMA
30-35 kg/m3
Coarse sand Fluid absorption Cebogel OCMA 25-35 kg/m3
Loam Overly high viscosity Cebogel OCMA 25 to 30 kg/m3
Clay Loam Clinging of clay Cebogel OCMA 6-15 kg/m3
Clay Clay swelling Cebogel OCMA 6-10 kg/m3

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